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From Frogans Editors by ginkit <fcr-aa@...>
Sent Thu, 18 Feb 2016 17:17:28 UTC
Subject Re: [Frogans technology - Early-questions] bugs submission
Date Thu, 18 Feb 2016 17:17:34 UTC

 Hi Vincent
mailman mharc scripts For bug1.fsdl :

First of all, as I don't have the 'open_book1.png' file, I see the
Alterative Image in the background of the slide.
Your 'b_file' button is working when you place the pointer on the
"<bad>" characters of your 't_file' <restext>', but not on your
'd_nofocus' <resdraw> background.
As you said, the difference between your 'b_button' and your 'b_file'
button is the "opacity" set on the <layer> associated to your
'd_nofocus' <resdraw> :
 <button buttonid='b_button' goto='slide' fileref='f_button' >
   <layer layerid='layer1' leapout='lead' resref='d_nofocus'
pos='120,40' combine='clip' visible='nofocus'/>
 <button buttonid='b_file' goto='slide' fileref='f_file' >
   <layer layerid='layer4' leapout='lead' resref='d_nofocus'
pos='120,100' combine='clip' visible='nofocus' opacity='30'/>
The rule that applies here is that the Entering Mask (the zone(s)
activating the display of the 'focusED' <layerS>) of a button is
composed of the <layerS> having a "visible" value set to 'always' or
'nofocus' AND an combined opacity strictly greather than 50.
Setting the "opacity" of the 'layer4' <layer> to '51' solves your
mailman mharc scripts For bug2.fsdl :

Still I don't have the background image so I have switched your
'img_backgrd' <resimage> "size" to '588,480' as you suggested and added
a <resdraw> line 8 like this :

 <resimage resid='img_backgrd' size='588,480' fileref='f1_backgrd' />
 <layer layerid='l_bg' leapout='all' resref='img_backgrd' pos='0,0'
align='left-top' combine='add' />
 <resdraw resid='drw_f_editors' size='588,200' figure='rect'
stroke='off' color='#00ff00' />
 <layer layerid='l_bg_f_editors' leapout='all' resref='drw_f_editors'
pos='0,0' align='left-top' combine='add' />

When displaying the slide with Frogans Player, you can see that several
buttons are out of the "background" and that's prohibitted.

You could solve this adding a new <layer> for each button out of the
background like this (example for 'b_layer' <button>) :

 <layer layerid='layer16_bkgd' leapout='lead' resref='d_nofocus'
pos='120,190' combine='add' />
 <button buttonid='b_layer' goto='slide' fileref='f_layer' >
  <layer layerid='layer16' leapout='lead' resref='d_nofocus'
pos='120,190' combine='clip' visible='nofocus'/>
  <layer layerid='layer17' leapout='lead' resref='d_focus'
pos='120,190' combine='clip' visible='focus' opacity='20'/>
  <layer layerid='layer18' leapout='lead' resref='t_layer'
pos='120,190' combine='clip' visible='always'/>

Hope it helps

Frogans Editors by ginkit
Enregistre, Conçoit, Héberge vos sites Frogans !
Registers, Designs, Hosts your Frogans sites!
2016-02-18 16:17 GMT+01:00 Jean-Emmanuel RODRIGUEZ

Thank you. This time I have received the FSDL documents (and also
the third bug to my personal address).
We will share your feedback with the rest of our team. We will get
back shortly.
Best regards
Jean-Emmanuel Rodriguez

On 02/18/2016 03:58 PM, deca wrote:

It's odd, I checked my 'sent' emails, the 2 files are joined in my
previous email.
Second try, here are joined bug1.fsdl and bug2.fsdl
I'll send a second email ton your personnal email with the same
files (just in case) and the third bug
Best regards.
Vincent Deca.
Le 18/02/2016 15:38, Jean-Emmanuel RODRIGUEZ a écrit :

Thank you very much for your feedback!
But it seems that your fsdl files have not been sent to the list...
Please, could you try again?
About the third bug, could you send it directly to my E-mail
address, please?
Best regards,
Jean-Emmanuel Rodriguez
On 02/18/2016 01:40 PM, deca wrote:

I have some bugs to submit for the 0.5.1 linux version:
- bug1.fsdl
The "good" button is working perfectly
The "bad" button is the same as the "good" button with an added
option on the 'nofocus' layer : opacity='30'
As you can see the "bad" button is hardly working .
- bug2.fsdl
This one is guetting an error code 101711
The problem can be fixed line 6 : if you changes the size to
'588,480', this is working perfectly
- I have a third bug which is getting en error code 101705, but the
total of attachements will exceed 128KB, how can I submit this one ?
- My last bug is in the fsdl30-recap-v9-2016012.pdf document :
<text> element is not referenced in the table of contents
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