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Sent Tue, 31 May 2016 13:00:39 UTC
Subject [Frogans technology - Frogans-awards] Frogans Tip for Day -7
Date Tue, 31 May 2016 13:00:41 UTC

In the spirit of the Frogans Awards, I'm going to submit, here and on
[1], a Frogans authoring tip each day

So, with just seven days left for you to submit your Fro-creation...

Frogans Tip for Day -7

Mind your vignette

Create a default "vignette" early in the site-creation process and make
it the first thing you put on each slide.

When Frogans Player parses your FSDL document, it checks to see that
there is content to render in both the large size ('lead') and small
size ('vignette'). If not, it shows an error message. So it's tempting
to set the "leapout" attribute in the <layer> element to 'all.' The
trouble is that, if you make it a habit, your large and small
presentations of your slide will look the same -- and that's just

So, start with the layers where "leapout" is 'vignette' and then make
the "leapout" for all of the other layers 'lead.' Life will be easier,
especially when you write your <button> layers where "leapout" MUST be
'lead' (or else you'll get an error message).

That makes it easier to separate your "vignette" layers from your
"lead" layers.


Check back here tomorrow for the Frogans Tip for Day -6!


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