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From Clément <clement.domps@...>
Sent Fri, 08 Dec 2017 03:37:51 UTC
Subject [Frogans technology - Early-questions] Bug code
Date Fri, 08 Dec 2017 03:37:53 UTC


Nous avons un "XML Parsing error" avec le code généré en php suivant:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?> <frogans-fsdl version='3.0'> <!-- fenetre principale--> <resdraw resid='resdraw0' size='640,480' figure='roundrect' stroke='off' round='30,30' color='#000000' /> <layer layerid='canvas' leapout='all' resref='resdraw0' opacity='100' pos='0,0' align='left-top' combine='add' /> <setfont fontid='fontTitre'> <font scripts='default' pfont='128-4-serif-r' height='20' color='#ffffff' /> </setfont> <restext resid='titre' size='350,250' orientation='h-ttb-ltr' fontref='fontTitre' > <text>Le Titre wesh</text> </restext> <layer layerid='layer38' leapout='all' resref='titre' pos='200,100' align='left-top' combine='clip' /> <!-- le font pour les boutons --> <resdraw resid='resdraw111' size='150,35' figure='roundrect' stroke='off' round='30,30' color='#000033' /> <!-- ce qui entoure les reponses que l'utilisateur choisi --> <resdraw resid='resdraw222' size='150,35' figure='roundrect' stroke='on' thick='3' round='10,10' color='#ff0000' /> <setfont fontid='setfont1'> <font scripts='default' pfont='128-4-serif-r' height='10' color='#ffffff' /> </setfont> <restext resid='creds' size='200,30' orientation='h-ttb-ltr' fontref='setfont1' > <text>Crédits</text> </restext> <restext resid='deb' size='200,30' orientation='h-ttb-ltr' fontref='setfont1' > <text>Commencer</text> </restext> <layer layerid='layer30' leapout='all' resref='creds' pos='115,332' align='left-top' combine='clip' />
<layer layerid='layer31' leapout='all' resref='deb' pos='115,362' align='left-top' combine='clip' /> <file fileid='address' nature='static' name='/creds.fsdl' /> <file fileid='comm' nature='static' name='/commencer.fsdl' /> <button buttonid='button2' goto='slide' fileref='comm' > <layer layerid='layer77' leapout='lead' resref='resdraw111' opacity='1' pos='105,330' align='left-top' combine='clip' visible='always' reactivity='#01'/> <layer layerid='layer88' leapout='lead' resref='resdraw222' opacity='100' pos='105,330' align='left-top' combine='clip' visible='selected'/> </button> <button buttonid='button1' goto='slide' fileref='address' > <layer layerid='layer777' leapout='lead' resref='resdraw111' opacity='1' pos='105,360' align='left-top' combine='clip' visible='always' reactivity='#01'/> <layer layerid='layer888' leapout='lead' resref='resdraw222' opacity='100' pos='105,360' align='left-top' combine='clip' visible='selected'/> </button> </frogans-fsdl>

Pourriez vous nous aider à identifier l'erreur?

Merci d'avance pour votre aide,
Clément Domps

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