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From Mercedes Vivo <>
Sent Tue, 22 Dec 2015 15:41:04 UTC
Subject [Frogans technology - Early-questions] Some questions on Frogans
To "" <>
Date Tue, 22 Dec 2015 15:41:12 UTC

 Dear Team

We have gathered a set of questions that I am sending below, thanks in
advance for your answers.

Q1. Would you consider a Blocking Programme like the DPML created by
Donuts which allowed owners of registered rights to reserve from use a
string across all of Donutsâ?? registries?

Q2. Are you considering a programme to facilitate the rapid takedown of
Frogans sites that are supporting the sale of counterfeits or the
sharing of pirated copyright material or fake sites phishing for
customer personal data?

Q3. Would you consider a fast track process to enable challenge where
Whois / contact details are falsified or incorrect? What data will be
available in the whois and how will you verify this data?

(eg via credit card check). Will you take (or enable owners of relevant
IP rights to take) any action against those who provide false or
incomplete details when registering site names?

Q4. How do you help rights owners to monitor Frogans sites? Is there a
look-up (like whois)? Will monitoring companies be able to access and
manipulate this data?

If you offer Proxy and Privacy Services, will you implement a process
to enable rights owners to get behind the shield in cases of

Q5. Will you be offering a reverse lookup â?? all the sites owned by one

Q6. Can Frogans site names be transferred/sold from the applicant to a
purchaser? What is the process?

Q7. We know you will have the Frogans (F)UDRP but will you have the
faster, less expensive version for slam-dunk infringement, the (F)URS?

Q8. It is important that rights protection measures are affordable. We
understand that each network name is $1500, but will there be breaks
for someone who buys multiple networks for their brands?

Best regards

Mercedes Vivó

Head of Projects

Com Laude
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